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How Does Genzyme’s Orphan Drug Eliglustat Tartrate Fit Into The Crowded Gaucher Disease ERT Market ?

October 3, 2012

       A October 2, 2012 Article titled,”1 Rare Disease With an Array of Drugs”, identifies how Genzyme’s orphan drug Eliglustat Tartrate fits into the crowded Gaucher Disease ERT market.  The following points are brought out in the article :

–    The 3 existing drugs in the Gaucher Disease market are :

      1) Genzyme’s Cerezyme injection which is the standard of care (SOC)

      2) Shire plc’s Vpriv injection 

      3) Pfizer & Protalix BioTherapeutics’ Elelyso injection

–     Eliglustat Tartrate is an oral capsule, while the 3 existing Gaucher Disease drugs are injections

–     The cost of the Gaucher Disease drugs :

1)       Cerezyme is $200,000/year

2)       Vpriv         is $170,000/year

3)       Elelyso     is $150,000/year

4)       Eliglustat Tartrate cost is not known at this point

–     The # of Gaucher Disease patients worldwide is small, < 10,000.

       Orphan Druganaut October 2, 2012 Blog Post reviews the announcement by Genzyme of the positive Phase 3 trial results for orphan drug Eliglustat Tartrate for Type 1 Gaucher Disease.

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