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Terrific News For Rare Diseases And Orphan Drugs In Canada

October 3, 2012

              Canada’s Health Minister Aglukkaq announces the “1st ever Canadian framework to increase access to new treatments and information & the launch of Orphanet-Canada”.

        Per the October 3, 2012, Canada Newswire (CNW) :

–    It is an opening to encourage research & development of new drugs for “orphan indications” & to improve access to existing therapies for patients

–    “It reverses a 16-year-old Health Canada policy denying the need for an Orphan Drug Policy in Canada ….. comes nearly 30 years after the USA passed the world’s 1st Orphan Drug Act & 12 years after the EU did the same ….”

–    1 in 12 Canadians have a rare disease.


Canada Newswire (CNW) October 3, 2012 Article

Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD)

Health Canada Factsheet: An Orphan Drug Framework for Canada

Health Canada Factsheet: Orphanet-Canada

Health Canada October 3, 2012 Announcement titled, “Launch of 1st ever Canadian framework to Increase Access to New Treatments & Information & Orphanet-Canada Online Portal”


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