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Orphan Drug Company Genzyme’s 2012 Patient Advocacy Leadership (PAL) Awards

October 5, 2012

       On October 1, 2012, Genzyme announces winners of the Patient Advocacy Leadership (PAL) Awards. This program supports outreach programs by non-profit organizations that provide support for patients living with lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs). LSD is a group of rare inherited diseases that are usually progressive resulting in debilitating health.   

       The statistics for the 2nd Annual PAL Award programs are :

  1. > 50 patient organizations participated
  2. 27 countries represented
  3. 9 recipients received the PAL Awards
  4. > $100,000 was awarded. 

       The PAL Awards support advocacy groups with the purpose of  “raising awareness & supporting rare disease communities …… efforts to raise awareness using the internet, family education, collaboration with healthcare providers ……”.


Genzyme Rare Community Blog

Genzyme PAL Awards website

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