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Orphan Drug Anascorp For Scorpion Sting: Fun Facts

November 6, 2012

       On August 4, 2011, the FDA approves of a new orphan drug and its marketing exclusivity for the treatment of scorpion stings. The drug is called Anascorp and is developed by a Mexico-based company, Instituto Bioclon. The cost of a dose of the anti-venom is $100 in Mexico, but costs as much as $12,000 in the US. Since patients need anywhere from 3 –  5 doses, the cost can reach about $60,000.  

       The Southwest US is often times called the “Venom Belt” for its venomous snakes, spiders, and scorpions. It is estimated that there are about 250 severe scorpion stings/year in the US. 


Kaiser Health News article titled,”Treating A Scorpion Sting: $100 in Mexico Or $12,000 in US” Mexico to the Rescue in America’s ‘Venom Belt” article titled,”Mexico to the Rescue in America’s ‘Venom Belt’”  

The ArizonaRepublic article titled,”Scorpion antivenom has stinging cost”  

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