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Measuring The Potential Of Orphan Drugs For Pharma: Dr. Kiran Meekings

November 15, 2012

               Dr. Kiran Meekings writes an article, “Quantifying The Potential Value Of Orphan Drugs” for the November 2012 issue of Life Science Leader. Dr. Meekings is a consultant in the Thomson Reuters Professional Services group.      

       The Orphan Druganaut Blog discusses in August 2012, the peer-reviewed journal article published by Drs. Kiran Meekings, Williams, and Arrowsmith, in Drug Discovery Today, on the positive economics of orphan drugs for pharma companies :  

Meekings KN, Williams CSM, Arrowsmith JE. Orphan drug development: an economically viable strategy for biopharma R&D. Drug Discovery Today. 2012:17:660-664.

       The article compares economic data for orphan drugs versus non-orphan drugs and concludes that orphan drugs show great potential for biopharma’s commercialization. Orphan drugs can offer the potential for profitability when taking into account the following factors across the life cycle of orphan drugs – the government financial incentives, smaller clinical trial sizes & shorter timeframes, and the “higher rates of regulatory success”.  

       Also, the positive economics of orphan drugs for pharmaceutical companies is published in a Thomson Reuters report titled, “The Economic Viability of Orphan Drugs”.       


The Rare Disease Report August 29, 2012 article titled, “Economics of Orphan Disease: An Interview with Dr. Meekings” 

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