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Genzyme’s Cerezyme Vs Shire plc’s Vpriv: Update On Gaucher Disease ERT Drug War

December 3, 2012

         A November 30, 2012 article titled, “Shire Unit Can’t Escape Genzyme False Advertising Suit”, reports that on Thursday, November 29, 2012, US District Judge Richard G. Stearns denies “ … Shire Human Genetic Therapies Inc’s motion to dismiss the suit (see historical timeline below), ruling Genzyme had legitimately questioned ….  Shire’s scientific research findings arising from a clinical trial – which are normally protected by the First Amendment ….”.        

         Here is the historical timeline behind Genzyme suing Shire plc :   

–       Shire plc June 28, 2012 Press Release – Shire plc boasts about its Gaucher Disease drug Vpriv and took aim at Genzyme’s Gaucher Disease drug Cerezyme. Shire plc claims that Vpriv has a “more significant bone density improvement among Vpriv users than among Cerezyme users” 

–       Genzyme is not happy about this.  Genzyme CEO David Meeker sends a letter to Shire plc’s President Sylvie Gregoire, asking Gregoire to rescind the press release AND to send a retraction 

–       Gregoire rejects the request 

–       Genzyme sues Shire plc in Boston Federal Court on July 30, 2012 accusing Shire plc of presenting false and misleading information.  Genzyme says that Shire plc’s claim, that Shire plc’s drug for Gaucher Disease, Vpriv, shows more significant bone density improvement among its users than among users of Genzyme’s drug for Gaucher Disease, Cerezyme 

–        Shire plc asks Massachusetts federal court on August 21, 2012, to dismiss Genzyme’s complaint saying that “ … Shire misled consumers by advertising its bone disease drug as superior to Genzyme’s Cerezyme, saying the plaintiff was wrongly using the suit to win back market share …. ”.  

        Here is the Case Information : 

Case Title : Genzyme Corporation v. Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc. et al 

Court : Massachusetts 

Nature of Suit : Trademark 

Case Number : 1:12-cv-11386  

Judge: Richard G. Stearns 

Date Filed : July 30, 2012.  


June 28, 2012 Blog Post titled, “Shire plc’s Gaucher Disease Drug Vpriv Triumphs Over Sanofi’s Cerezyme”   

August 24, 2012 Blog Post titled, “Internet Buzz About Gaucher Disease & ERT War: Shire plc vs Genzyme” July 30, 2012 article titled, “Massachusetts biotech firms’ rivalry heads to court as they spar over treatment for rare disease” July 30, 2012 article titled, “Genzyme Accuses Shire of Making False Bone Drug Claims” (May Need Subscription/Trial Offering) August 22, 2012 article titled, “Shire Says Genzyme Can’t Prove False Bone Drug Claims” 

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