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What Are The Internet Rumors About Sarepta Therapeutics Partnering ?

December 17, 2012

There has been recent Internet rumors about orphan drug company Sarepta Therapeutics partnering with another biotech company :

1)      Sarepta Therapeutics’ Chris Garabedian participated on December 4, 2012, in the Deutsche Bank dbAcess BioFEST.  Please reference’s Transcript. In that discussion, Mr. Garabedian says that an “Ex-US partner, …. could allow us to maintain a cash flow generating business ourselves, but would really be a big catalyst for the company to accelerate the broader program”, referring to the company’s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) program. He goes on to say “ …. our technology, has turned a corner, we believe, and has started to gain the attention that we needed to see to get the type of interest from pharma and big biotech partners that we’ve been looking for …. “.

2) article titled,”Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Pipeline & Partnering Snapshot” : A discussion of the now active orphan DMD Pipeline that is attracting attention of big pharma and investors.

3) December 16, 2012 article titled, “Sarepta Therapeutics: No Problem with Cash” : According to this article, Chris Garabedian, Sarepta Therapeutics’ CEO, says that the company at this moment in time, is not interested in a partnership.  If in the future, there is a partnership, “it will be an ex-US partnership that supports the company’s whole Exon-skipping drug program”.

4)  Elsevier Business Intelligence “The Pink Sheet” Daily December 17, 2012 article titled, “$118 Million Offering Should Position Sarepta Strongly for Partnering Talks” (may need subscription/trial subscription to access). According to this article, because Sarepta Therapeutics has recently raised huge cash from institutional investors, that the ‘’ …….. CEO clarifies that Sarepta is intent on finding the right partner, structure and economics for an ex-North American opportunity”.

5)  Orphan Druganaut December 2, 2012 Blog Post that presents the Internet rumors about the relationship between Sarepta Therapeutics and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

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