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Internet Buzz (January 10, 2013) On Sarepta Therapeutics And Orphan Drug Eteplirsen

January 11, 2013

        The Internet is buzzing about Sarepta Therapeutics’ orphan drug Eteplirsen for the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), since CEO Chris Garabedian’s presentation this week at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference :

***   1) Bloomberg Businessweek January 11, 2013 article titled, “Sarepta May Seek Partnership Advice for Experimental Drug”

2) January 10, 2013 article titled, “Sarepta’s eteplirsen could be worth $1b, but Prosensa may reach market first” (may need subscription/registration)

3) The Motley Fool January 10, 2013 article titled, “JPMorgan Healthcare Conference Highlights: Sarpeta Therapeutics” :

–  Based on presentation, “ …. it is expecting to price eteplirsen somewhere in the $300,000 to $500,000 price range – consistent with comparable rare disease drugs – and bring in between $600 million & $1 billion annually ….”

–  Eteplirsen to target 13% of 35,000 DMD patients in US & EU

–  Sarepta Therapeutics research in additional exons besides exon 51: exons 45, 50, & 53 which are currently in preclinical trials; if all 3 are successful, “ …. chance to market to a 1/3 of all DMD patients ….”

–  Potential accelerated FDA NDA filing later this year.

4) January 10, 2013 article titled, “Sarepta Therapeutics’ CEO Presents at 31st Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference (Transcript)”

5) January 10, 2013 article titled, “Which 6 Companies are in Michael King’s Oncology Wheelhouse ?”  :

–  “ … Sarepta is up more than six fold over past 6 months, & now has a market valuation of > $600 million …. “

–  Sarepta Therapeutics has a lot of nonscientific & non-business media.

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