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Interview With China’s Ministry Of Health On Orphan Drugs

March 15, 2013

One of China’s recent healthcare reform priorities is to expand the list of critical diseases covered by the rural health cooperative medical care systems.

Vice President Li Keqiang mentioned in a meeting with the health care reform committee under the State Council that the types of critical illnesses covered by insurance will continue to expand and the percentage of reimbursement provided by government will also continue to increase.

In light of this, we interviewed Ping Guo, Vice President of Beijing YuanTang Institute of Gene Science, part of China’s Ministry of Health. The transcript of his interview is included in this document.

Questions addressed include:

  1. What commitment is the government making to provide orphan drugs to treat critical illnesses?
  2. How can orphan drug companies help support the Chinese government ‘s initiatives?
  3. How will providers be educated and trained to understand previously untreatable conditions? How will they be encouraged to diagnose and treat rare disease patients?
  4. What are some good first steps for companies who seek to partner with the Chinese government to bring orphan drugs to market?

Download the interview transcript here for insights on market access in China for orphan drugs.

Ping Guo will be speaking at the upcoming World Orphan Drug Congress USA on this topic.

** Please note that the Orphan Druganaut Blog is a Media Partner for the meeting.

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