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GTC’s Inaugural Orphan Drugs Research and Commercialization Conference

March 24, 2013

GTC is excited to invite doctors, researchers, patient groups and venture capitalists to its inaugural Orphan Drugs Research & Commercialization Conference on May 8-10, 2013 in Boston, MA. Over the past years, there has been increasing attention given to the rare disease space: more and more companies are looking to invest in orphan drug development, and novel therapeutics, such as gene therapy, are moving to the forefront of the industry. 

However, while this growing interest in rare diseases is an encouraging sign for those in the field, it also signals a need to move forward in uncovering solutions for key issues such as patient advocacy, pricing, and partnerships. This meeting provides a unique forum for all stakeholders in the community to collaborate and build meaningful relationships. 

Delegates can look forward to learning about: 

  1. Rare disease scientific research happening in both industry and academia, from medicinal chemistry to gene therapy and much more
  2. Commercialization of rare disease treatments, particularly gene therapy
  3. Ways to improve your pricing strategy in the dynamic world of orphan drugs
  4. New ideas on how to form better partnerships through presentations on outsourcing and collaboration models rare disease organizations are currently using
  5. Different perspectives from academia, patient groups, pharma, biotech, and government agencies and opportunities to meet these individuals. 

The program includes 4 information-packed sessions and 2 panel discussions

Session I: Scientific Discovery in Rare Diseases

Session II: Designing Effective Clinical Trials

Session III: Commercialization of Orphan Drugs

Session IV: Partnering in Rare Diseases

Panel Discussion: Investment: VC & Patient Group Perspectives

Panel Discussion: Regulatory in Orphan Drug Development. 

View the meeting Agenda.
View the Speaker List

If you have any questions, feel free to contact GTC at (626) 256-6405 and/or

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