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Lifecycle Communication Strategies For Rare Disease And Orphan Drugs

May 23, 2013

On June 20, marketers of orphan drugs and rare disease therapies will join forces at the 6th annual Innovation Lab in Boston to discuss current challenges and best practices in developing relationship and communication strategies across the brand lifecycle. This exclusive, invite-only event provides a closed-door forum for marketers to share key experiences and learnings, and review real-world case studies that address the specific needs of the rare disease community from clinical trial recruitment to post-launch patient support.

We will look at lifecycle communications strategies that turn prelaunch database enrollees into tomorrow’s brand advocates, and nurture patient and advocacy relationships that grow with our brands.

This year’s topics include:

•   Navigating new challenges in the orphan drug space
•   Planning Your Communications Strategy
Managing expectations of the patient community
•   Working with Advocacy Groups
Building and maintaining your relationships in the unique advocacy group landscape of rare diseases
•    Clinical Trials in the Facebook Age
Balancing the needs of the patient community with clinical, regulatory and financial stakeholders
•   Adherence in the World of Rare Diseases
– Supporting patient adherence in complex clinical situations
•    Building Trust with Patients
– Managing a productive engagement with patients during a critical launch.

Plus two workshops:

•   Planning Your Communications Strategy from clinical trial recruitment to post launch patient support
•   Working with your Patient Community from Patient Bloggers to Advocacy Groups.

Keynote speakers include:

•   Kate Haviland, Head of Commercial Development, Sarepta Therapeutics
•   May Orfali, MD, Rare Disease Medical Lead at Pfizer
•   Eric Grinstead—ex-Senior Vice President Global Commercial Operations, Synageva; now Consultant, MME
•   Doug Paul, Vice President and Partner, MME.

June 20, 2013 │ Boston, MA │ Register Today

The Orphan Druganaut Blog (Media Partner) will be attending the 6th annual Innovation Lab on June 20, in Boston.

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