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Aegerion Pharmaceuticals: Juxtapid’s Sales Soar

July 31, 2013

Aegerion Pharmaceuticals has a conference call on July 30, 2013, to review the 2nd Quarter financial results and recent progress with the launch of orphan drug Juxtapid (Lomitapide). Juxtapid is FDA approved for the treatment of the ultra-rare disease Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia (HoFH).  Investors are watching closely to see what the status and finances are for Juxtapid. The drug receives FDA approval in December 2012 with a launch in January 2013 in the US.

Aegerion Pharmaceuticals faces strong competition from Isis Pharmaceuticals/Genzyme’s orphan drug Kynamro (Mipomersen) for HoFH. The competition between the two drugs has been followed by the media and the Orphan Druganaut Blog. Here are a few facts about the two rival drugs :

•   Juxtapid beat Kynamro to market
•   Juxtapid is a once-daily pill & Kynamro is an injectable treatment
•   Juxtapid costs about $295,000/year and Kynamro costs $176,000/year
•   Both drugs have serious side effects
•   FDA Advisory Committee votes 13-to-2 for Juxtapid & 9-to-6 for Kynamro.

Here are highlights from Aegerion Pharmaceuticals 2nd Quarter financials for Juxtapid :

•   # of global prescriptions written rose from 185 in the 1st Quarter to 463 in the 2nd Quarter 2013 – an increase of 150%

•   Sales of  $6.5 million in the 2nd Quarter with a total sales of $7.7 million so far this year

•   215 patients are active on therapy globally, with expectations to exceed its prior guidance of 250-300 by the end of 2013

•   Patient dropout rate of < 10%, 6 months after the launch

•   80-90% compliance with therapy, 6 months after the launch

•   Positive EMA CHMP opinion in May 2013; EC approval expected in August with launch on a limited basis in the late 3rd Quarter 2013

•   Estimated potential global market opportunity is $1 billion

•   Company raises its full year 2013 revenue guidance range from $15-$25 million to a higher $30-$35 million range.

Marc D. Beer, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals’ Chief Executive Officer, says that :

“ … we see significant room for continued growth … Most importantly, we’re positively impacting HoFH patients in need of treatment. With 6 months of commercial experience, we have a greater sense of the significant need that exists for HoFH patients globally, and that understanding reinforces our confidence in the market potential.”


Aegerion Pharmaceutials July 30, 2013 Q2 2013 Earnings Conference Call & Presentation.

Please Note: “Dollar Symbol Gold” by Rugby471 (Own work) [GFDL] | Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Great news, always good to hear from new orphan drugs and competition between companies in this market niche…

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