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Rare Diseases And Orphan Drugs: The ROAR Awards

August 3, 2013

Terrapinn announces the launch of the ROAR (Rare & Orphan Advocacy and Research) Awards.  The 2013 ROAR Awards are an opportunity to recognize and honor achievements in the last year, of contributions made by organizations and individuals from the commercial, patient, and rare disease advocacy communities.

Ten awards are open for nomination :

  1. Best European Rare Disease Patient Organization
  2. Best European Rare Disease Federation
  3. Best European National Alliance for Rare Diseases
  4. Best Biotech Pipeline (R&D Biotech only)
  5. Best Pharma Pipeline
  6. Best European Industry-Patient Organization Collaboration
  7. Best Contract Research Organization
  8. Best European Orphan Drug Designation
  9. Best European Orphan Drug Authorization
  10. 2013 European Stakeholder Advocacy Award.

To nominate an organization or person for a ROAR Award, complete the Nomination Form.

The ROAR Awards are to be announced at the 4th Annual World Orphan Drug Congress Europe, November 14-15, 2013, in Geneva, Switzerland. The ROAR Awards for North American stakeholders are to be launched for April 2014.

Please Note: “Application Certification” by the people from the Tango! Desktop Project [Public domain] | Wikimedia Commons.

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