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Orphan Drugs And Rare Diseases: An Accelerator Launches And Forms A Partnership

August 16, 2013

Cydan, an orphan drug accelerator based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, launches in April 2013, with US $16 million financing from :

•   New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

•   Pfizer Venture Investments (PVI)

•   Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.

In July 2013, Cydan partners with Kurma Life Sciences Partners, to further “expand the global network and to strengthen the ability to identify new rare disease assets” by working with :

•    Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

•   Research Institutes

•   Patient Foundations.

Additional terms of the partnership are not being disclosed currently.

Cydan identifies and de-risks programs with therapeutic and commercial potential for orphan drug development for rare diseases. The accelerator “focuses on identifying promising assets with well-understood biology and proof-of-concept data in in vivo models … Data generated during a rigorous de-risking process will enable Cydan to form stand-alone companies and strategic partnerships.”      

An interesting article from the August issue of Nature Medicine, reviews and discusses the “uncommon launch” of Cydan with the purpose to “tackle uncommon diseases”. The following is the citation for the article along with its link :

Dolgin E. Uncommon ventures launch to tackle uncommon diseases. Nature Medicine. Vol: 19, 950–951. doi:10.1038/nm0813-950 (Published online 06 August 2013).

Please Note: “Global Thinking” by Benjamin D. Esham [Public domain] | Wikimedia Commons.

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