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Rare Diseases: Worldwide Cystic Fibrosis Day And News

September 8, 2013

I – Worldwide Cystic Fibrosis Day

Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide (CFW) network of member countries and other global organizations are hosting today, September 8, 2013, the 1st Worldwide Cystic Fibrosis Day. The mission is to “internationally spread information and education about cystic fibrosis and improve the lives of people born with CF …. September 8th will become a globally acknowledged Worldwide CF Day …”. CFW is committed to developing CF organizations in all parts of the world. Some of the international CFW member organizations are :

•   Australia – Cystic Fibrosis Australia
•   Canada – CF Fibrosis Canada
•   Ireland – CF Association of Ireland
•   Lebanon – CF Association of Lebanon
•   New Zealand – CF Association of New Zealand
•   United Kingdom – CF Trust
•   United States – CF Foundation.

Other international CFW members can be found here.

II – Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference

The 27th Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference (NACFC), is scheduled for October 17-19, 2013, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals announces last week that five abstracts from the company’s CF research and development program are to be presented at NACFC next month. The accepted abstracts are now available for FREE in the online edition of Pediatric Pulmonology: Supplement: The 27th Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference.

II – Vertex Innovation Awards (VIA)

Vertex Pharmaceuticals’ grants program, “Vertex Innovation Awards (VIA)”, to support clinical research in CF, is now accepting Letter of Intent (LOI) applications through November 18, 2013. The mission of the VIA :

“ … is to support innovative and collaborative clinical research that may impact the care of patients with CF. Vertex aims to foster a better understanding of CF by the attribution of grants in Europe and Australia selected by an independent grant committee of eternal experts … will include, but will not be limited to, medium- to large-scale multi-center clinical research projects. For 2013-2014 annual awards, the grant committee will select 1 to 3 projects for grants with a combined total value up to $500,000 …”.

Please Note: “Icon Announcer” by Orion 8 [Public domain] | Wikimedia Commons.

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