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Newborn Screening: Launch Of Program In China

June 5, 2014

PerkinElmer, a Massachusetts-based company with neonatal and Newborn Screening (NBS) technologies, announces on June 3rd a collaboration with China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), to develop and implement a 3-year NBS screening training program focused on early detection of life-threatening diseases in rural areas of China. Last year, PerkinElmer screened more than nine million newborns in China.

Some of the key features of the NBS Program are to train more than 3,000 doctors, clinicians, and laboratory technicians in 600 rural counties in :

•   Sample collection

•   Clinical diagnostics and treatment

•   Project management.

Some of PerkinElmer’s diagnostics to be used in the Program are:

•   Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test to detect congenital hypothyroidism

•   Test for Phenylketonuria (PKU).

PerkinElmer will work with China’s National Maternal and Children Health Surveillance Office (NMCHSO) to implement the NBS program.

A September 2013 article, titled “Newborn Screening for inherited metabolic disorders; news and view”, in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, presents results from “expanded newborn screening programs using tandem mass spectrometry have revealed that the incidence of inherited metabolic disorders varies considerably among countries. For example the combined incidence of amino acidemias, organic acidemias, and fatty acid oxidation defects …” are as follows :

Country Incidence
Qatar ** 1 in 1,327
Korea 1 in 2,000
Germany 1 in 2,517
North America 1 in 4,000
Hong Kong 1 in 4,122
Denmark 1 in 4,900
Mainland China 1 in 5,800
Taiwan 1 in 5,882
Australia 1 in 6,369
Japan 1 in 9,330

** Qatar’s high incidence of metabolic disorders; Qatar has high rate of consanguinity

Please Note: “Tiny Foot”  by Pawel Loj, Let Grow Therapy and Counseling – Helping Children To Thrive (Atlanta, GA, USA) [CC-BY-2.0]  | via Wikimedia Commons.

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