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Fast Tracking Orphan Drugs: 1-Day London Meeting

June 15, 2014

Dr Geoffrey Guy of GW Pharmaceuticals will be joining the Fast Tracking Orphan Drugs Briefing on 10th July in London, to explore new industry schemes, such as EMA Adaptive Licensing, the UK’s Early Access to Medicines, and the role they can play in your company’s continued success.

Unlike traditional conference formats, our one day Terrapinn Briefings are designed to give you face time with your peers and industry leaders in an intimate environment. By keeping it small, around 35-50 attendees, we keep the focus on discussion, interaction and relationship building, ensuring you leave with a plan to move your business forward.

What to expect at our Fast Tracking Orphan Drugs Briefing

Be part of this innovative format. Learn, discuss and debate a range of topics, including:

Assess EU and UK programs for facilitating faster access for orphan drugs

  1. Discuss the differences between licensing and early access and how they impact your business
  2. Identify how PMI status could enhance funding
  3. Consider regulatory pathways for orphan products and review how best to succeed within them.

In preparation for the briefing, we interviewed Geoffrey on the new UK Early Access to Medicine Scheme to understand whether or not it is a positive step forward in the orphan drug market. To learn more, download the interview.

Alongside Dr Guy, this Briefing will bring together industry thought-leaders, such as Mark Corbett, Senior Vice President from Clinigen’s Global Access Programs and Thomas Lynch, Chairman of Icon Plc. Discover more, download the Briefing brochure.

To attend this briefing and interact with your peers in an intimate environment, book now and benefit from an exclusive 15% discount. Simply enter the promo code FLWT to secure your discounted rate. Book now with promo code FLWT to save 15%. 

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