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Genzyme: Patient Advocacy Art Initiative

September 12, 2014

Genzyme, in collaboration with global Lysosomal Storage Disorder (LSDs) patient organizations, launches “Expression of Hope III” (EOH). EOH is a global program of awareness and inspiration with works of art by the LSD community. Artists of all ages and ability, who have been affected by LSD can submit an original work of art reflecting their personal story. Patients along with family members, caregivers, friends, and healthcare professionals can participate.

Works of art for EOH can be submitted from September 8th – December 5th, 2014. After the work of art is completed, it should then be photographed and submitted digitally to the EOH website. Submissions that meet entry criteria are presented in the EOH website’s online gallery. A panel of art professionals on December 5th, will identify those works of art as Featured Art, which are then displayed in global exhibits and materials in early 2015.

If a patient advocacy organization is interested in becoming a Collaborating Organization, they can contact Genzyme at Some of the patient organizations that Genzyme partners with in the LSD Community are:

•   Association for Glycogen Storage Disease UK (AGSD)

•   Australian Pompe’s Association

•   Canadian Fabry Association

•   Fabry International Network

•   International Pompe Association

•   The Canadian Society for Mucopolysaccharide & Related Diseases Inc.

•   The National Gaucher Foundation of Canada

•   United Pompe Foundation.

Please Note: “Jakob Alt – View from the Artist’s Studio in Alservorstadt toward Dornbach, 1836 – Google Art Project” Jakob Alt [Public domain] | Wikimedia Commons.

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