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Pfizer: Rare Disease Consortium Partnership

September 25, 2014

Kevin Lee, Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Rare Diseases Unit, Pfizer, announces September 25th the official launch in the United Kingdom of the inaugural scientific meeting of the Rare Disease Consortium (RDC). RDC is a 5-year partnership between Pfizer and the Global Medical Excellence Cluster (GMEC) partners. The academia-pharm partnership is announced in May 2014. RDC is established to join together patient groups, scientists, physicians, and academia to both identify and collaboratively develop new treatments for rare diseases. Rare diseases impact approximately 3.5 million people in the U.K.

GMEC, a not-for-profit located in London, is formed by five UK universities for the purpose of developing a collaboration of commercial organizations, academia, and the UK’s National Health Service Trusts to accelerate progress in Translational Medicine and to increase the UK’s competitiveness in biomedical research. The GMEC university members are:

•   University of Cambridge

•   Imperial College London

•   King’s College London

•   University of Oxford

•   University College London

•   Queen Mary University of London.

GMEC is based on a business cluster model, which is defined as a geographic concentration or hotspot/hub for growth, investment, research, and innovation. The GMEC/Pfizer collaboration highlights the strength and importance of an academia-pharma alliance in moving forward for finding and developing new treatments for rare diseases.

The GMEC/Pfizer Rare Disease collaboration is named this month as one of the “Top 7 Worldwide Academic Alliances” by FierceBiotech.

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