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Findacure: 2nd Anniversary + Other News

November 12, 2014

Findacure is a charity which focuses on fundamental diseases – rare, often genetic, diseases from which the basic mechanisms of dysfunction can be extrapolated and applied to our understanding of more common conditions.

This past Friday, November 7th, marked the 2nd anniversary of the founding of Findacure in 2012. To celebrate and commemorate this occasion, a Findacure Blog is launched. The Blog will share updates, feedback from conferences attended, and will discuss developments in the field of fundamental diseases and other medical developments.

I – 2015 Scientific Conference on Drug Repositioning For Fundamental Diseases

Findacure is organizing its 2nd Scientific Conference on the topic of “Drug Repositioning for Fundamental Diseases”, scheduled for February 27, 2015, in London.

Dr. Nicolas Sireau, Findacure’s co-founder, will chair the conference with talks from 3 speakers on the following topics (to be followed by a Panel Discussion Session) :

•   Innovative Partnership & Financing Models for Rare Disease Drug Repositioning

•   Collaborative Drug Repositioning: Case Studies between Universities, SMEs, and Charities

•   Repositioning of Small Molecules for Inherited Connective Tissue Diseases.

To register, please contact Flóra Raffai ( by January 24, 2015. The Scientific workshop pass is FREE.

Dr. Sireau recently wrote a post on his Blog that discusses the importance of repositioning drugs for rare diseases.

II – 2014 Medical Student Essay Competition

Findacure has also launched an essay competition for UK medical students for submission of an essay on one of the following topics:

•   How has the study of rare diseases influenced our knowledge of more common diseases ?

•   Can all rare diseases be classified as fundamental diseases ?

•   What are the problems associated with research into rare diseases? How might these be handled ?

•   Discuss how experiences of a patient with a rare disease may differ from those of a patient with a common disease.

Top prize is £250 and the winner is invited to attend the Scientific Conference (described above). One runner-up will also be invited to the Scientific Conference. Please reference the rules and regulations and submit completed essay with covering entry form to Flóra Raffai ( by Sunday, November 16th.

Logo courtesy of Findacure.

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