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Rare Disease Stem Cell Research Collaboration: Alexion Pharmaceuticals And University Of Connecticut

December 14, 2014

On December 11th, The University of Connecticut’s Stem Cell Institute announces a stem cell research collaboration with Alexion Pharmaceuticals, to find new drug candidates for treating rare diseases. Alexion Pharmaceuticals is a Connecticut-based global biotechnology company developing treatments for ultra-rare diseases.  The collaboration will focus on the discovery and testing of therapeutic candidates to treat rare diseases that have no effective treatments. Financial terms of the collaboration have not yet been released.

In 2006, in response to the US federal government placing restrictions on the funding and use of stem cell research, the state of Connecticut signs a law authorizing the use of public funds to finance human stem cell research. The law commits $100 million for the period, 2007 – 2017, to support this type of research. The law establishes both a competitive process for awarding research grants and a Stem Cell Research Advisory Committee responsible for distributing funds based on legal, scientific, and ethical integrity of the research being done.

According to an online article:

“The collaboration between the school’s stem cell program and Alexion will build upon the work of Dr. David Goldhamer, professor of molecular and cell biology and associate director of UConn’s Stem Cell Institute. Goldhamer has identified the offending cell type that drives a group of diseases, and has developed physiologically relevant disease models. Models Goldhamer has developed will be used in the collaborative research to further understand rare diseases and to test potential drugs that could be used to treat them.”

Please Note: “Marty Schmidt in the Himalayas” by Sdiangelo (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-4.0]  | Wikimedia Commons.

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