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International DNA Day

January 23, 2015

International DNA Day will be celebrated on April 25, 2015. It celebrates the day, April 25, 1953, when scientists, James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin and colleagues publish in the journal Nature, papers reporting on a model for DNA, based on a double helix structure. International DNA Day also celebrates the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003. It is a day when teachers, students, scientists, researchers, and the public can learn about the human body, genetics, and genomics.

In the United States, both the House of Representatives and the Senate stated that DNA Day, on April 25, 2003, would be a one-time celebration. But, several groups have declared April 25 as “International DNA Day” or “World DNA Day”, with special events scheduled for the day.

The American Society of Human Genetics, offers students in grades 9-12, to participate in the 10th Annual DNA Day Essay Contest. The objective of the essay contest is:

“ … to challenge students to examine, question, and reflect on important concepts in genetics. Essays are expected to contain substantive, well-reasoned arguments indicative of a depth of understanding of the concepts related to the essay question. Essays are read and evaluated by several independent judges through three rounds of scoring.”

The deadline date for submission of essays is March 6th.

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In Europe, the European Society of Human Genetics, is offering the 8th Annual European DNA Day Essay Contest for High School students. The essay contest deadline date for submission of essays is March 15th.

Please Note: “DNA Double Helix With Data” by Jonathan Bailey, courtesy of NHGRI.

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