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Rare Diseases: Top 25 Drugs By Global Sales

February 13, 2015

In the February 2015 issue of Medical Marketing & Media, the publication reviews the continuing trend of the growth of new products for rare diseases, reviews what rare disease products are on the horizon for 2015, and discusses the growth and popularity of gene therapy for the treatment of rare diseases. The article also identifies the top 25 orphan drug brands by worldwide sales. By 2020, per the article (according to data from EvaluatePharma), “orphan drugs will own 19% of the total share of prescription drug sales excluding generics, reaching a whopping $176 billion in annual sales”.

The following chart shows the top 10 of the 25 rare disease products ranked by 2014 global sales :

Top 10 Rare Disease Drugs By Global Sales

Rank Product Manufacturer US    Sales($ Millions) *
1 Rituxan Roche $7,635.0
2 Revlimid Celgene $4,980.0
3 Gleevec Novartis $4,695.0
4 Copaxone Teva $3,810.0
5 Avonex Biogen Idec $3,019.0
6 Alimta Eli Lilly $2,810.0
7 Rebif Merck KGaA $2,414.0
8 Soliris Alexion Pharmaceuticals $2,225.0
9 Advate Baxter $2,083.0
10 Velcade Takeda/J&J $1,766.0


* Sales, EvaluatePharma (per MM&M article chart).

For rankings #11 – #25, please reference the article.

Please Note: “Abstract pills” by Robson# (Flickr: Pills here) [CC-BY-2.0] | Wikimedia Commons.

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